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Lean (trade port) Map defects

WarlordJPRWarlordJPR Registered Users Posts: 1
edited December 2020 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
I was on the Lean trade port map doing a custom battle to pass some time. During the deployment phase I noticed the gorilla deploymant line was strange. Once the battle was pretty much over I was looking around the map at the carnage and destruction and I noticed that some map assets weren't squared off/ lined up right. On one of the roads I also noticed a bump the was very out of place. The ships weren't in the water either. It might just be this port map or all the trade/fishing port maps of this design.

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  • Vin362#6699Vin362#6699 Registered Users Posts: 1,601
    That happened to me before I was on a flat plain on the campaign map but in battle it was at an angle no idea why.
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