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Updated: CTD during loading of battle in area of Pengcheng, occurs during different campaigns.

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Old title: "CTD after initiating battle with specific characters"


I'm experiencing a crash after initiating battle or being attacked by specific characters. The game goes into the battle loading screen and when loading is nearly completed, it crashes to desktop without any error message.

Relevant information

Build Number
v1.6.1 15509.2098178

Detailed description of what happened before the crash:

I'm providing two seperate save files somwhere between the two of them the problem occurs.

Timeless Characters is enabled.


First save file: Turn 39; Quick-save; Battle initiated by Cao Cao in the area of Pengcheng on my army while playing as Liu Bei. Everything seems to be in order here, battle loads correctly.

-Characters involved (1st save, working as intended)
(Player): Liu Bei; Zhang Fei; Guan Yu
(AI): Cao Cao; Xia Zhoa (Sentinel, Trader); Qi Zhou (Strategist, Tactician)


Second save: Turn 45; Standard-save; Liu bei and compatriots are attacking Pengcheng, Cao Cao is holed up in said town. After ending the turn Cao Cao will sally forth and attack the player. Trying to play the coming battle will result in CTD without error message.

Crash to desktop occurs in any battle between armies containing specific characters. The location of said battle or who initiates it (AI or player) is irrelevant. In this save file i'm attacking the town of Pengcheng, clicking end turn will result in Cao Cao "Sallying forth" and thus initiating battle. Pressing play battle results in the loading screen which, when almost fully loaded crashes to desktop.

It should be noted that if turns advance (for example to turn 50) and a battle occurs somwhere else on the map between these characters it wuill also CTD when loading the battle. Battles involving other characters/armies seem to function as normal.

Somewhere between turn 39 and 45 something went awry and rsults in a bug where any battle involving the previously mentioned characters results in an CTD.

-Characters involved (2nd save, bugged)
(player): Liu Bei; Zhang Fei; Guan Yu
(AI): Cao Cao; Garrison


Thanks for looking into it.

UPDATE: Crash occurs again in seperate campaign

After staring a new campaign playing Kong Rong, I once again found myself in battle in the Temple are of Pengcheng. After being attacked by Cao Cao affiliated characters the battle loads and like before it crashed to desktop before loading (please see attached screenshots).

Screen before ending turn, location of characters

Engaged by Cao Cao forces, pre battle screen

Loading the battle, this is where the CTD occurs. Loading just about finishes and then a CTD occurs.

Playing the approximate area (X: 593 Y: 347) in custom battle does not result in crash.

New save (the autosave one) file and minidump also added.

It seems that there is a bug with that specific area.

Thanks once again for looking into it, if any further information is please ask.

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