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Suggestions for better existing factions!

Vladeks87Vladeks87 Registered Users Posts: 5
- he should have one dragon quest for ethereal dragon and in this quest you fight ethereal armies

SKAVEN (clan mors, clan rictus and clan pestilens):
- those three clans are weak so give them this: special dilemma every 10 turns (same as The Living Ancestor for Grombrindal) but in this skaven dilemma you have 4 choises and you can chose one. Those four choises are random (banners, followers and items).
Example of 4 choises: clan skryre follower (all weapon teams get 10% missile damage and 10% reload speed in one specific lord army), Clan Moulder banner (10 armour and 10 melee defence for some monster unit in army) and some items.
With this dilemma we have better clan mors, clan rictus and clan pestilens!

- THE DROWNED need new special building and that building can build in every main city. In this building you can build some ethereal units and heroes from other factions (Cairn Wraiths, Banshee, Hexwraiths, mortis engine. Also every lord get option in skill tree for busting ethereal units.
- SARTOSA same building as The drowned but in this sartosan building you can recruit some empire/brettonian units and new skill for busting those units for all lords.

- ARKHAN THE BLACK need Raise Dead
- they need more books!!!

WULFHART need more legendary heroes (noble, handmaiden, waystalker, runesmith, new slayer hero and one more master engineer, maybe some more from empire and bretonnia)

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