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Sigvald, the Superb Scion of Scandalous **** and Son of Silliness

mambofffanmambofffan Registered Users Posts: 9
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So he get rage and berserk for marauders unit, seems cool but in fact he becomes the only LL for which the faction bonus is only of interest for T1 units, and not frankly the strongest in the game. Without shields T2 marauders GW aren't so useful early because we're not facing lot of armored enemies, they're shred by missile and they'll be replace by just a T3 Chaos warrior GW, so not a huge gap between them. Do rage and berserk apply to horsemen? Who cares, they're skirmishers.

I'm trying to understand the logic behind this 'buff' (the ability itself is very good) by comparing marauders with what will normally quickly replace them, starting from the fact that this buff is there to encourage us to play marauders :

Marauders :
+ cheap, but it's irrelevant in SP as game goes on
+ good MA/speed for T1
+ good buff with rage and berserk
- no armor, bronze shield only
- can't hold line after turn 50 if not before even with buff
- Hordes infighting Attrition means you horde must fight alone... with T1 units if you want maximise your faction bonus...good luck beyond normal difficulty ^^
- really hard to stay alive with auto-resolve or not

Chaos Warriors (if not Chosen)
- not cheap, but irrelevant in SP
+ great stats, one the the best if not the best T3 infantry
+ don't really need buff but shine better with magic stuff
+ can deal with missile easy
+ can hold the line near all the game
= easy access with every lords (don't need +3 Horde growth) as marauders (never build marauder building with new lords ^^)
+ no hordes infighting let your lords assists themselves against IA doomstacks
+ don't care auto-resolve

In fact, T1 Marauders even with berserk can't replace Chaos Warriors even in short terms, not to mention Halleberds and GW version. With higher difficulty level it's just suicidal to play marauders.

If Archaon hadn't been buffed so well in this 'Twisted and Twilight' patch, yes we would have got a choice to make. But now, who plays with T1 Marauders when Chaos Warriors are accessible? Who keep them until rank 7+ before they have access to the Chaos Warriors? Rage and Berserk do not compensate for their base weakness and especially Hordes Infighting attrition.

His old bonus +15 armor was not so useful, but lasts all the game with Lord / Hero that you want try to keep.

I know that Chaos will get a massive rework for game 3, but how is it possible to hurt so hardly a faction which doesn't already need that in game 2 ?

Suggetions :
- Add to Sigvald's faction ability to recruit Marauders Champions (all), make marauders GW a T1 unit and add marauder spearmen, remove infighting attrition for marauders, remove chaos warrior (all), and either remove Chosen or add them Infighting attrition.
- or, give us back the previous bonus ^^

By these adjustments we will obtain a hybrid faction between Chaos and Norsca, not as strong as that of Archaon or pure Norsca but with a different build, like Kholek and his Dragon Ogres.
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  • vg45vg45 DenmarkRegistered Users Posts: 136
    I don't want a hybrid faction, I don't even want to play Chaos right now because their mechanics are not fun, why would I play a hybrid Norscan faction when I can just play Norsca and avoid the rather lackluster horde experience? If Chaos was to get some changes to how their hordes and stance changes work then I would still want Sigvald to be different from Norsca. Sigvald's god is Slaanesh, his faction benefit granting Rage is silly. Making the Warriors of Chaos faction effect either + Warriors + Marauders or + Dragon Ogres incentivises building a lot of the same types of armies in a playthrough, something that is pretty boring, upkeep reductions especially incentivise building copies of the same army over and over again, while recruitment cost reductions have a softer impact and only come in super handy when you quickly need something cheap for a few turns and otherwise, but after 10 turns you will have forgotten about how much Favour you saved by building the units you got reductions on.

    If the faction effects focussed on playstyles then the lord effects could still focus on a specific type of army and you could get different playstyles by choosing different starting Legendary Lords, but still allow different and varied armies within each campaign. Sigvald does give all units in his army Strider so even if his 60% upkeep reduction on Marauders becomes irrelevant he still has something. For Lords like this where they get most of their Lord effect benefits in the early campaign I think it should be strongly considered whether the Lord in question should have some unique skills that buff late-game units.

    Sigvald's playthrough focuses on demoralization and infiltration and Sigvald's army focuses on out-manoeuvring his opponents and leading them into engagements they cannot win. Faction effects: Diplomatic relations (all factions +20), agent action cost -50%, Leadership +6, enemy human Leadership -6, Chaos Corruption +6 (all characters). Lord effects: Upkeep -60% for Marauder units (lord's army), Attribute: Strider (Lord's army), Horde growth: +6 (Lord's army).

    Kholek's playthrough focuses on barrelling through any obstacles with pure force and surviving by the skin of your teeth and continuing only by being fuelled by rage and his army focuses on spamming Dragon Ogres. Faction effects: Units rank 0-6 gain the Rage passive ability, units rank 7-9 gain the Berserk passive ability, Ambush Defence chance -20%, Horde Growth and Casualty Replenishment rewarded for razing cities doubled. Lord effects: Recruitment cost: - 60% and Upkeep: -30% for Dragon Ogre units (Lord's army).

    Archaon's playthrough focuses on answering to none but the dark gods and his elite army can accomplish the impossible. Faction effects: Income from razing settlements +50%, Diplomatic relations (all factions -30). Lord effects: Ward save: 5% for all units (Lord's army). Ward save: 5% for embedded Heroes and Lords as well as rank 9 units (all armies).

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