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translate from english in german problem

titus123425titus123425 Registered Users Posts: 2
hey guys
1 the new region in south darklands is called in german todesklamm it must be wrong .. todesklam already exist in the badlands
2 we have the same provinz in karak zorn and karak azul its both called südliches südrandgebirge in german

i m from germany so my game is translate in german.
can you mabye fixed it ??


  • BlitzDarknessBlitzDarkness Registered Users Posts: 1
    I am playing in german too and i would like to know how the translation for Throt the unclean into Skrotz der Mutant works since in german he should be called Throt der Unsaubere or something like that
  • AnthropoceneAnthropocene Registered Users Posts: 2
    1. "Todesklamm" is the correct German name for "Deadrock Gap", see https://whfb-de.lexicanum.com/wiki/Todesklamm.
    Not sure which region in the Badlands you mean, could be Deathpass Province (https://whfb-de.lexicanum.com/wiki/Todespass).

    2. English names are "Southern World's Edge Mountains" for Karak Azul and "Southlands World's Edge Mountains" for Karak Zorn. Note that on the world map the stylized name for the Southlands World's Edge Mtns. still reads "Southern World's Edge Mountains", only the tooltip shows the correct name, so the bug might stem from that rather than a wrong translation.

    3. As with any Warhammer product, the translators have very strict guidelines for any legacy terms and required to stick to the official translation from the sourcebooks. Throt's German name has been around since 4th Edition, so even 25 years later that's what translators need to use in any WH material being released.
  • titus123425titus123425 Registered Users Posts: 2
    hey thank you for you answer you are right but in german both regions -- the new deadrock gap and the deathpass in the badlands in german called todesklamm .... the 1 in the badlands must called "todespass" in german.

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