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Warlock Master Engineer Mounted visual bug

MantisukMantisuk Registered Users Posts: 6
edited December 2020 in Performance & Graphics
Build: 1.10.0

Detailed description:
Getting a bug where the warlock master engineer changes model when you uses a mount (flayer or wheel).

This happens on the campaign map he will be riding it with the normal model, but when he is in battles his unit card will be the one from the campaign map but the in battle one will be a different warlock master.

When you finish the fight he will be the same normal model again.

Also happens in custom/multiplayer battles.

Reproduction Steps:
Mount a master warlock engineer on a mount and see it to be a different model to the unit card.


Links to images:




Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:
Reinstall from a fresh (clean) all files and app data deleted ect
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