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Coop Campaign bugs and others with new Wood Elves

eomateomat Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1,979
edited December 2020 in Feedback & Suggestions
Playing coop Talsyn and Couronne (No Mods) I am able to confederate all WE factions in Athel Loren straight away. Also I am able to upgrade (aspects) all of Durthu's Tree Spirits that he already had in his armies. Edit: they will revert to normal the next turn but you can still waste money on the upgrade. I can't upgrade any that I add to him so that is working I think as you intended.

Also Glade Lord and Waystalker hero both have Alith Anars blue glow on Campaign map. Needs removing.

Waystalker has a sword whilst holding a bow in left hand in Campaign map. Sword needs removing.

Glade Captains ethereal effect on bow disappears when firing. Honestly it looks rubbish anyway and covers the cool textures of her bow. Probably better removed.

Glade Captains facewear (Green or Cream) looks very basic. A more wooded Texture like the Glade Guard/Waystalker would be aesthetically better.
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