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Possible bug and some issues with Coeddil, unique quest elf hero for drycha

Karl_FranzIIKarl_FranzII Registered Users Posts: 10
Point one - after finishing the quest for Drycha to get Coeddil, i got into a tough battle and lost him and thats it, perma death for a quest hero, additionally he does not have any "immortality trait" in his skill tree

Point two - Second time getting him on another campaign, he was wounded by an enemy hero and now is permanently injured with no timer as shown in the screenshot, he has been "wounded" for about 10 turns now.

Now for going through the effort of raiding Parravaron and Middleland and a quest battle for a unique hero that can die with no immortality trait and now permanently death from someone doing a wound action as shown in the screenshot, it really is a loss and a time waste for this. I hope this can be addressed because drycha is a fun lord to play.


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