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Malus and his campaign mechanics (Tzarkan quests)

nikkisnikkis Registered Users Posts: 3
I've been doing Malus campaign to test the new changes. His tweaked possession mechanic gives a nice way to alter between faction and army buffs. I've never had issues with this, but it's nice to see that MA malus was removed.

However there's still one problem that has persisted since his DLC. I'm not getting Tzarkan quests. I've played 70+ turns now and I have gotten one quest for item and most of time I have 0 quests available. His campaign would be much better if I had 2-3 quests available, I could choose which way to expand and which quests to complete. I'm pretty certain that this lack of quests is a bug rather than design (reminds me how Blessed Spawning quests used to be bugged, same code here?).

Also, there could be some tweaking with the early quests. First one I got this run was for 7k gold and Tzarkan wanted me to push north and sack Dwarf settlement, meaning I would have to extend over High Elves, Orcs and Skaven to get there in 20 turns. These kind of early suicide missions add nothing to his campaign.

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