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Missing Hero Recruitment Rank + X for Black Orc Big Bosses

bawzzzbawzzz Registered Users Posts: 117
Every building chain that unlocks a Hero has the a building providing a " Recruitment Rank" bonuses.
(The building is usually placed 1 or 2 spots after the one that unlocks the actual hero recruitment)

It is present for Shamans, River Troll Hags and Goblin Big Bosses.

But it's missing for the "Black Orc Barracks" (lvl.4) building. See screenshot.


  • BastileanBastilean Registered Users Posts: 1,415
    edited December 2020
    Noticed that too. It's not a big deal, but it's another one of those I expected it and it would be nice even if it's just +2.

    Please add this to the feedback & suggestions forum.

    Funny thing is they just added bonuses and recruitment to the Black Rock Fort. :)
  • bawzzzbawzzz Registered Users Posts: 117
    Small bump in the off chance a CA employee sees it.

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