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Talon of Kurnous - why change it?

yojimbo1111yojimbo1111 Registered Users Posts: 6
I am quite disappointed to find what I considered the most fun part about the wood elves, long range archers, removed. The archers don't have increased damage to make up for the removal of their strength although maybe an upkeep reduction is the justification. I would like you to please consider reverting the hero trait to function as before or, if possible, offer some explanation as to why the change was made.



  • vg45vg45 DenmarkRegistered Users Posts: 147
    edited December 2020
    Edit: I thought the Lord trait was changed as well, have no problem with the hero trait being changed.

    It is kind of a joke that it was nerfed when Wood Elves got access to spamming Knowledgeable Lords in the same patch. So now it is no longer choosing between a good army buff and a great faction buff, it is choosing between a bad Lord buff and a great faction buff. The rework to Ancient Treeman traits is super cool though. Maybe if it also buffed reload rate and missile damage it would allow you to make a terrifying missile Lord, but it is pretty pathetic right now.
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