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Shogun 2 Remastered: What are your ideas?

esp1707esp1707 Registered Users Posts: 2
edited December 2020 in Total War: SHOGUN 2
Watching LoTR remastered in 4K, and the new editions of Age of Empires got me thinking:

What if Shogun 2 was to be remastered?

Not to change the game, just a remaster to bring it up to the present. It could even be presented as a new game, after all, this effort would requiere time and money and I would be more than willing to pay for a remaster.

To be successful the remastered should improve what made this game so good and preserve its essence. Here are some ideas that the remaster could include:
  • Updated graphics, although the game is gorgeous I feel they could use a revamp. Not changing colours nor light composition (I think the game nails this), but improving things like textures, shadows, clouds, water... Essentially bringing them to modern standards.
  • Add cool graphics options that the recent game have: god rays, film grain, photo mode...
  • Modernize graphics engines: with newer technologies these engines could be enhanced for better performance and quality, being less demanding on computers.
  • IMPROVED AND REVAMPED AVATAR CONQUEST: namely, better servers. In order for this to make financial sense for CA, it could be that players could buy "skins", colours, banners, armour designs,... etc. This way the gameplay would not change and it would not be a play-to-win. Just a play-and-look-cool-in-cool-skins. Also hosting tournaments with priz
  • More castle maps and improving the pathfinding, textures of walls, real flags on walls undulating with the wind (flags are cool)
  • Bug fixes, let us be honest, there are still some bugs that could be fixed with new technology
  • Combined naval-land battles
  • New campaign including the Koreas.It isn't necessary to load it with dozens of troop variety, a simple composition works just like Shogun 2 for the Korean culture
  • Better craters: explosions are cool, imagine that explosions leave deeper craters. That could add strategical elements to the game (FoTS I'm thingking about you)
  • Maybe even include new music tracks!
What other ideas are there?
Oh what a brave new world!
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  • greendolphingreendolphin Registered Users Posts: 26
    edited January 3
    I don't think Shogun 2 is old enough to require a remastered version. But adding Korea to the map -preferably as a playable faction- would double the games value.
  • BrenZanBrenZan Registered Users Posts: 21

    I don't think Shogun 2 is old enough to require a remastered version. But adding Korea to the map -preferably as a playable faction- would double the games value.

    If this was 2012 I would've suggested an Imjin War DLC but it would appear that we are 8/9 years late on that
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