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Make it easier to understand Followers/Banners

markusasmarkusas Registered Users Posts: 239

My friends and I often discuss what changes we would like to see in game and one of the most requested changes is to change how Banners and Followers are eqiupped, work and the overall UI and overview.

How do we know what stack and doesn't without unnecessary time spent testing?
Why are we able to a equip a follower that gives "lord's army" buffs on heroes?
Which ones are intended for heroes vs. Lords?
Why are some followers blocked on some heroes and not other heroes?
Why not make a block on things that don't take effect similar to when you equip too many items with abilites?
Easier overview of what items/followes/banners are equiped on what lord.

The new UI unique window for factions like Yvresse, Clan Moulder, Clan Skryre, Broken Axe etc should make it possible to create a similar view with a easy to understand overview of such things.

Best regards
When game 3 comes out I want to travel the world from the east to west and invade the western shores of Naggaroth. Also expand Mortal Empires South and West to make Southlands, Lustria and Western Naggaroth great again!

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