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CA: Another proving grounds beta please

Rat-ee-jiK#7094Rat-ee-jiK#7094 Registered Users Posts: 194
there are problems with the game as is, another BETA could help to find some solutions that people can (hopefully) agree on.

The latest patch was an improvement overall, but I don't like the changes to unit mass other than the changes made to single entities and lords. changes to unmounted lords WERE a positive change.

Cavalry have been made less useful, they are particularly bad in sieges which make up about half of all campaign battles. Why would i keep these in a standing army when they aren't useful in half of my battles? After experimentation with my own mods and the in-game lab feature I found that increasing unit mass and or impact force makes cavalry much stronger on the charge and potentially more lore friendly (depending on what TT edition you are referring to).
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