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Still no way to Resurrect Azhag (The Bonerattlerz)

SeanJeanquoiSeanJeanquoi Registered Users Posts: 3,316
Since CA gave Azhag his own unique faction (the Bonerattlerz) in the Warden and the Paunch, there has been an issue I'd hoped might have been fixed with the Twisted and the Twilight, yet I don't think it was.

While they added him to Red Eye Mountain at the start of the campaign, they did not script him as the key faction of the area, its still the 'Red Eye' Goblin faction (who, side note: still aren't a Night Goblin faction, which is another little thing they could tweak). So, if Azhag's faction is destroyed, there's no way to bring him back.

If you get a rebellion at Red Eye Mountain or Kazid Urkulaz, the Red Eye Goblins will spawn, unless they're still alive, in which case its just generic "Greenskin Rebels" (the same is true if you're using a mod which allows you to liberate dead factions).

And in my experience, if you get a rebellion/liberate Karak Raziak, its Ostermark Rebels or generic Greenskins too.

This is an obvious glaring issue for Greenskin players, but its also a problem for players in general, who want to obtain his defeat trait or who despise the Ordertide enough that they'd go out of their way to attempt to undermine it by supporting factions like Azhag's (*cough* *cough*).

Has anyone else noticed this? do you find it troubling also/do you know a way around it? really hope its fixed in the next patch.


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