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Total War: Conquest of Paradise

OelueOelue Registered Users Posts: 17
Guys think about a game that focused on 16th -18th century south america. Where the spain new comers came and bloodiest battles happened between natives and europeans. Potential sides:

Native americans: Rise your temples, sacrifise thousands of people for your god, and overhelm other tribes. Then get ready for the conquest of your paradise. Fight vs gunpowder and diseases.

Potential gameplay; strong garrisoned cities. Poison skirmishers, archers, wild animals and ambush battles

New comers: you have came a long way. You wasted a lot of hope. You will not back empty handed. Ready the weapons. Get ready to reach to unreachable

Potential gameplay: weak garrisoned cities. Gunpowder weapons, bribe other tribes, weak moral units but stronger tecnology. Christian missionary.


The Sun City have falled. A lot of riches got pillaged. Cities keep growing. But its not an end. Choose your side:

- Be a mighty pirate of the caribbeans. discover secret treasures. Pillage the newlands.

- Punish those filty pirates. Become a bounty hunter and keep the safety of your lands.


  • SiWISiWI Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 11,348
    sounds more like saga material.

    some of it was done back in M2 kingdoms.
    Overall I think a TW Empire 2 or a TW "pike and shoot" could do this as saga offspring or dlc
  • CommisarCommisar Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,620
    Agree with SiWI, sounds rather like Saga idea, although I'd also say no to the wild animals unless they want to go fantasy with the "historical" lines even more.
  • greendolphingreendolphin Registered Users Posts: 50
    Unit rosters would be too archaic to enjoy the battles. Also how do you think a group of naked men running around would be able to resist an army of gunners, cannons and cavalry units.

    Also there is empire's warpath campaign and medieval 2's new world campaign. Although they're not based in south america the concept remains the same.

    Plus nearly half of the terrain is made up of amazon forests.

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