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How to get the old launcher? No mod is working with the new one!

DH76DH76 Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi community,

playing different TW games a lot, but only with mods.
After returning to my games after 1,5 years, I´ve sadly found out that my mods don´t work anymore, doesn´t matter what kind of game, e.g. Warhammer 1 und 2, Shogun 2 or Attila! Not a single mod!

In different forums they offer the following solution: "the old launcher with the old mod manager!"

Properties -> Betas -> "launcher_release_date"!, but this launcher doesn´t apear, this option was cancelled by CA!

CA only refers to this community, they are responsible for that sh... but not willing to help!

Happy to receive an answer which makes me not deleting all TW games!

Thank you very much, DH76


  • LaindeshLaindesh Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 4,738
    edited December 2020
    Use Kadrin's mod manager, it'll solve every issue the default launcher has.

    And sort your mods, many mods is abandoned by the author as people quit playing and wont work with the newest patches of the game.


  • DH76DH76 Registered Users Posts: 1
    After being absent for 1,5 years none of my TW games (Shogun 2, Warhammer 1&2, Rome 2) works with mods anymore! The reason is the new launcher/mod manager!

    Creative Assembly deleted access/support of the old launcher!

    Some communitity members offered a solution:

    "properties -> betas -> launcher_release_data", but I don´t have the last part of this path, there is no "launcher:release_data", CA has deleted it!

    Most of you still play with mods, without a solution I must deinstall of my TW games, that would be very sad.

    Being happy to get answers! :)
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