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Thanquol, what model?

RamsesIII#4621RamsesIII#4621 Registered Users Posts: 1,186
So we're all expecting Thanquol to come to WH3 in one form or another, and I think we mostly agree that Boneripper will more closely resemble his End Times rendition than his old miniature. But what about Thanquol? Do you think he will get:

The old round horns

or the newer warpstone horns

On the one hand the old horns were perhaps the most iconic and are most associated with his comedic antagonist role in the Gotrek and Felix books, on the other hand Arkhan got his End Times model as opposed to his old one (and Thanquol's first mini is also quite old), and the End Times model is the only one that GW is selling at the moment. Do you think that he might have his round horns initially, and have them replaced by the warpstone horns when he equips his Boneripper mount, after gaining the Horned Rat's favour in a quest battle?


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