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Great Wyrms for Lizardmen in WH3?

TheWattman#7460TheWattman#7460 Registered Users Posts: 3,209
Great Wyrm Lore:
[Great Wyrms are enormous Wyvern-like predators with wingspans to rival the Dragons of the Old World. These monstrous beasts soar above the jungle canopies, the slow beat of their leathery wings punctuated by harsh cries that carry to the far borders of the primitive jungle. Their main diet consists of adult Terradons which they hunt through the bruised skies of the Dragon Isles, swooping and diving on their prey. The fact that the existence of these beasts is practically unknown is testament to the fact that they also have a taste for the flesh of warm-blooded creatures...]

The Lizardmen have their fair share of monsters and rightfully so, they can throw a punch with the best of the Daemon hordes. But there is one area of the battlefield where they have as yet to gain a significant foothold to truely establish dominance: the air. Terradons and Ripperdactyls can of course, if used well, stall the momentum of a few air units, against flying monsters they would fair well against without numbers. What can be done of this? The primary options would be a final Lizardmen LP, centered around Oxyotl and the Lost City of the Old Ones introducing the mighty Coatls, the wise aerial spellcasters. But there is another option, which would fit the theme of the setting, straight from the other Lizardmen location in WH3, the Dragon Islands, in the form of the Great Wyrm.

As indicated by the lore above, these are basically Dragon-sized Wyverns, appearently with a focus on hunting other flying creatures. In my mind, this translates to a single-entity flying monster with a specialty in Anti-Large, perfect for contending the skies, together with Terradon and Ripperdactyl support, against the dragon-wielding races. So the Great Wyrm is a melee monster that can aid Carnosaurs in hunting down the large ground beasts of other races, while the Coatl would come similar to the recent Zoats, a monster with a couple of bound spells, presumably from the Lore of Heavens.

Is there a place for Great Wyrms in the Lizardmen roster? What do you guys think?


  • ROMOBOY#7812ROMOBOY#7812 Registered Users Posts: 4,829
    Sounds pretty good. I can’t find any concept art for it though.
    "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."

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  • Crossil#2134Crossil#2134 Registered Users Posts: 14,927
    Nothing on them but lore. I would sooner expect Coatls.
    Furthermore, I consider that Daemon Prince must be removed.
  • Pocman#6295Pocman#6295 Registered Users Posts: 6,169
    edited December 2020
    Imho, no.

    It has no model, besides a passing mwntio that it may look similar to a wyvern, which is imho, boring.

    Plus it's not a dinosaur nor seems to have anything to do with the usual lizardmen themes.

    The Coatl seems a much better option.
  • MrDragon#2461MrDragon#2461 Registered Users Posts: 3,545
    edited December 2020
    Very cool... just shouldn't be in the LZM roster.
    As much as I personally want the LZM to be best at everything like they rightfully should be!
    That is a terrible idea and bad for game balance. LZM shouldn't have a big air-to-air dominator and dragons and dragonlikes would be perfectly aesthetically at home with them and lore-wise I will never understand why Dragons hang out with elves more than Lizardmen...
    The Coatl seems much more uniquely compelling as a LZM new unit option to me and likely wouldn't be a big chonky air monster but another relatively light-weight sky presence with a more supportive function.
    LZM already have amazing infantry and ground monsters and excellent wizards.
    Carnos already do a good job of dealing with any dragon dumb enough to land near one... having what is essentially a flying carno gets rid of that weakness.
  • HeresyHound#5667HeresyHound#5667 Registered Users Posts: 8,286
    I mean... MAYBE as some sort of kitbashed giant Ripperdactyl or something as some sort of filler unit. Maybe a special RoR that is just a giant rider-less Ripperdactyl/Terradon.

    While a giant flyer does fit a unique niche compared to some of the proposed LM monsters (like Thunder Lizards or Arcanadons. Though the latter does have rules), the Coatl is just a better choice in my opinion and I presume in most people's opinions.
  • TexacoV2TexacoV2 Registered Users Posts: 539
    No, doesn't fit with the playstyle, lore or table top.
  • xDEMOSxxDEMOSx Registered Users Posts: 1,345
    edited December 2020
    Is there a place for Great Wyrms in the Lizardmen roster?
    I think there would be a space for that.
    since lizardmen have great flying squads, a centerpiece, it wouldn't create a new style, it would just support an existing playstyle.

    the problem is how relevant it is, aside from the fact that there is a whole history of dragons fleeing Lustria because of the DreadSaurians, it would be strange to be competing for a LP with Coatil.
    I think it could be something when other options run out and there is still interest, but I much prefer Coatil that is thematic.

    Coatil, culchan riders and terrorbird plis CA

  • Mr_Finley7#4571Mr_Finley7#4571 Registered Users Posts: 8,745
    I just want the Coatl
  • Sultschiem#8734Sultschiem#8734 Registered Users Posts: 3,715
    edited December 2020
    Depends, if it looks somewhat like the skyscreamer from wow, I might be into it as Pterrodactyls are quite cool and it is a bit sad, that the 2 we have are so small.

  • Draxynnic#3149Draxynnic#3149 Registered Users Posts: 11,660
    ROMOBOY said:

    Sounds pretty good. I can’t find any concept art for it though.

    The source for them stated that wyvern models made for a good substitute (although this was in 6E). I could see an argument for making them more like a big pterosaur, though.

    Does it fit is an... interesting question. Having a single-entity flyer would be outside of the usual Lizardmen list, but they do have both flyers and single-entity monsters, so it's not that far out. If skaven can have move 95 units (army book skaven topped out at move 6... or 3d6 random move, which averaged out to about the same as a move 6 unit marching), I don't think a single-entity flyer for Lizardmen is that far out of the pale.

    Incidentally, with reference to coatl, it's worth noting that on the tabletop they could draw from Light and Life as well as from Heavens.
  • Lazy_captainLazy_captain Registered Users Posts: 202
    All I can think about is the Leonopteryx from the avatar but bigger I guess?

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