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Enemy Army Invisible to Me, My Army Invisible to the Enemy

hollywoodb1hollywoodb1 Registered Users Posts: 4
Exactly as title suggests: Enemy units are completely invisible to my characters/units until I'm RIGHT on the enemy, or until they rout. Same with my units to their units (I assume, as the archers in this battle didn't fire on my generals when I would have probably been in range). This was a siege/town battle, meaning there was NOWHERE for any units to reasonably be hidden, I should have been able to see all of their units from the start but I just couldn't. I used this file as the demonstration for that reason, but it has happened in at least the previous 4 battles I've fought.

Troubleshooting methods employed so far:

Updated drivers (duh)
Turned off all mods.
Repeatedly verified integrity of game files.
Completely unsubscribed from all workshop mods and reinstalled the game.
Tried various graphics settings (full screen, windowed, etc.)

I'm at a loss here. I read in a couple other Total War games that an old bug caused the game to do this when using multiple GPU's, but I don't have multiple GPU's, just one. My PC meets minimum requirements, easily, and I've been playing since the game came out. Anyone have any recommendations or has anyone else experienced this bug? The game is unplayable like this lol.


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