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Location Path of TW3K Ancillaries with PFM?

nubbyclairvoyant#4535nubbyclairvoyant#4535 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 13
Trying to find formal names and ID of vanilla ancillaries, so I can add more goodies to an existing first turn event mod, but am unfamiliar with file structure in TW3K.

Tbh, haven't modded since original RomeTW, when ancillary data was contained in descr_ancillaries, export_descr_ancillaries. Have been rooting around the data.pack hopelessly.

Have noticed that ancillary descriptions like "CEO_KEY[3k_main_ancillary_accessory_water_clock]" in one mod was associated with ID# "858905891" ; but don't know if that association is from game or just mod.

My intention is to gift player with bows from each quality category, as bows just don't seem to spawn much at all in my 1.61 game unless I use a mod that ups ancillary spawn %

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