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Rome II Medieval mod recommendation

TejaSchwarzhaarTejaSchwarzhaar Registered Users Posts: 272
Hey guys. I just wanted to recommend you a mod for Rome II, simply because I think the modder deserves it. This might also be interesting for players who don't like Rome II but are all in for great Medieval mods, so I put this in the General Chat.

The mod I'm talking about is 1100 AD. Basically, it is a smaller and earlier version of the 1212 AD mod for Attila.

It's very new so it's not as polished as 1212 AD and there aren't as many mechanics or factions, but for people like me who like Rome II better than Attila or would just like to go back to the game it is absolutely perfect.

The unit models are very beautiful, the battle pace is a bit slower than in the base game and all factions are very different from one another. The speed of the campaign is not that high and after 140 turns in my Antioch campaign I'm still not steamrolling. Overall, this mod offers a great Medieval experience and as far as I know there is plenty of content that will be implemented in the next months.

This mod is absolutely worth trying and I would always recommend it without hesitation!
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