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late game content in game 2/3.

overtaker40#8926overtaker40#8926 Registered Users Posts: 1,267
I would like to see each faction have the option for a difficult quest battle after a short or long campaign victory with a faction buff as a reward.

some Ideas I think would be cool

- scripted against the strongest ai faction at the time
- some planned battles that you can pick from or follow the quest chain for/ pick quest chain at the start of the game
- include all the vortex campaigns from game 2 as options you can activate. giving the game more replay-ability

wouldn't mind an expansion pack that just adds missions for each faction with a final quest battle and reward ie unique RoR or Cool items.

Rather than just lord or race packs.

(Just more stuff that triggers at lord level 30+ or strong faction strength)
I like all the races. Equally. Wood elves are just the first among equals.

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