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Fixing the mistakes of WH1 - Altering old DLCs?



  • Kayosiv#7489Kayosiv#7489 Senior Member Kirkland WA. USARegistered Users Posts: 2,850
    edited December 2020
    Temudhun said:

    No LL should be removed entirely. Regarding Ghorst, maybe he should be turned into a LH for Manfred (together with Krell for Kemler and Isabella for Vlad) and another LL could be added to the dlc, such as Helsnitch, Zacharias or Walach (personally I'd rather like Zacharias).

    This is the best solution I've read for Vampires. Vlad being unable to be in the same army with Isabella was always terrible design. It would be like if Gotrek and Felix couldn't be together. They are a duo, and while maybe sometimes you might want to play them separate, being unable to play them together is just a disservice to the source material.
    Saandro said:

    Idk why everyone hates on Ghorst, I love him! But I have no idea about WH lore, and WH2 was my first exposure to the world, so...

    I mean that's why. Manfred has 100's of years of Warhammre lore history, an interesting gimmick, and multiple tabletop models spanning 20+ real years. He's been a character for at least 4 editions, one of which was 6th edition, when every faction ONLY had rules for 2 special characters, and he made the cut, although admittedly in a much different form. Not everyone has to like Manfred, but he is interesting, and not just a generic vampire lord.

    Ghorst is just a necromancer. Not even a particularly noteworthy one. He has a special corpse cart, which is an interesting gimmick, but he has no significant lore, feats, or personality. He was never in any army book. He has never had a unique model. He is a nobody. This isn't particularly bad, in of itself, but Vampire Counts have SOOO many interseting characters. There's at least 1 super interesting character from all 5 bloodlines, usually 2-3, and unmade interesting necromancers like Dieter Helsnicht. Ghorst takes up space, and for that I will forever hate him. I don't think I like... care that he "gets removed" per say, but he certainly shouldn't be a lord and I'd rather have any of a dozen more fleshed out characters in his place.
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  • MaelasMaelas Registered Users Posts: 5,180
    Vlad and Isabella should be that whichever one you play, you get the other as Legendary Hero. But they still should have different starting positions, and Isabella should have diplomatic lines.
  • vg45#5577vg45#5577 DenmarkRegistered Users Posts: 183
    edited December 2020
    Ghorst could get a unique undead-abomination-experimentation mechanic, that would warrant his inclusion in the series since he is the one most likely to engage in such nonsense other than Vlad who might do it because he is crazy or Mannfred who might do it if it could lead to him getting more powerful. Move Mannfred to the desert to give VC an in on the WH2 map.

    Karl Franz and Volkmar are problematic because they both really belong in Reikland. Either could be sent out on a crusade in game 3 against Chaos, so it is not hopeless. I think both Volkmar and Gelt need to be removed from the elector count politicking and instead participate in the politics of the various faiths and schools of magic in The Empire respectively. Gelt might technically belong in Reikland but different starting positions mean a lot to me, they are half the value of Lord packs for me.

    Krell works perfectly right now, Isabella should work in the exact same way, Krellmer and Vlabella are not meant to be separated. Same for Gotrik and Felix. Gotrik should also be a Legendary Hero.

    Sigvald should not be included in any Lord pack, I already have him, I already paid for him. Slaanesh themed units can be included in the release of another Chaos Warrior Lord pack. Mono-god factions have never been a thing in the tabletop, units with different marks have always been recruitable in the same army on TT, at least as far as I know. On the other hand the idea of mixing units from different factions is really cool and as much as I hope CA does not make mono-god factions the rule I hope exceptions are made for LLs that can recruit some units from other Chaos factions. Like a Chaos Warriors faction that can recruit Minotaurs and Bloodletters and a Chaos Beasts faction that can recruit Chosen and Beasts of Nurgle.
  • Mr_Finley7#4571Mr_Finley7#4571 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 8,417
    No LLs are going to be downgraded to LHs, especially one people paid extra money for when they bight dlc.

    Combined start locations are a relic of a less ambitious past and need to be done away with completely. Just because there is a loreful reason for Volkmar and Gelt to hang out in Altdorf dosent mean they shouldn’t get unique start positions. There are equally loreful reasons for them to be leading armies elsewhere in the WHFB world and running factions of their own.
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