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5 reasons you should play TROM mod.

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First of all, I understand everyone has different needs and the way I am wording it in the title and the post is simply a strong recommendation from me; by no means I am insisting that you 'actually should play' this, so please don't downvote me on that account.

TROM is the very mod that deals with the repetitiveness that creeps in typically after the first 100 hours in TK.

It's a a Korean mod with English support and many Koreans use this mod. I think almost half of the long time TK players use it, but due to the fact the modder is Korean and it lacks good English descriptions(and coverage) not many people know about this wonderful mod outside of Korea, hence I decided to write this recommendation post. It overhauls pretty much everything including buildings, tech, economies and I will just focus on a few key features around combat.

It's pretty much a must mod past 100 hours as far as I'm concerned. I played 950 hours of TK(700 hours of vanilla) and TROM rejuvenated my interest in the game. I tried many other mods and TROM gave me exactly what I wanted. Mind you it's an overhaul mod so isn't compatible with most things. (it includes MTU so don't run it together) I recommend running it with "Warlord mod for TROM" mod for a better AI and you're in for a treat for another hundreds of hours. I think practically everyone would benefit from using it after their first 100 hours as long as they like the mod's philosophy.

More faction diversity-adds unique faction units that are stronger than unlocked common units. TROM 2.0 used to have region based unit system but 3.0 came back to tech unlocking which is a little less ideal but still gives much better faction diversity because your unique units are much stronger than common units meaning factions actually have different roaster. TROM removes emperor tier units (except for the defender of heaven and earth) to achieve this. Many mods simply add tons of units but TROM does it very tactically. You'll see if you play different factions. If you want to know the details there is an English TROM unit guide on steam. Not sure if the faction specific units are shown on the game intro page since faction specific units unlock through tech.

2. Weaker heroes.

-Heroes are still powerful but they are weakened so your battles are no longer decided by who has the 3 strongest heroes. TROM also makes elite units more powerful(TK vanilla has some of the weakest elite units ever, defender of earth loses 3:1 to peasant bands without inflicting much casualty) meaning units are now very important. This alleviates repetitive combats since with 1. change you get more unit roasters.

3. More clearly defined unit roles.

Trom divides units into 4 tiers and define their roles more definitely. Militia, regular, elite, and emperor units. The jump from each tier is pretty substantial. I think vanilla made elite units weak because TK didn't have means to restrict elite spamming, and the lack of distinguished elite units contributes to the battles feeling repetitive since early battles don't change much from late battles. TROM addresses that issue.

4. More tactical combat. Seriously x10 times better than vanilla.

TROM adds 'chance to hit' stat back into every unit as in pre-TOB historical total wars. In Vanilla, every unit has 100% chance to hit and cavalry charge ignores defense and they even do AOE damage. These combined means overpowered cavalry and useless infantry. Because TK lacks melee chance to hit modifier and only relies on evasions, your elite infantry(even the ultimate offensive yellow dragons) have no meaningfully offensive capabilities. Your militia cavalry deals more damage than your final tier offensive infantry unit and infantries are only defensively useful in anvil&hammer tactics. In previous TW series, infantries got offensively and defensively stronger as they leveled up but in TK their evasions increase sharply resulting in elite infantries unable to kill each other locked in a forever stalemate until cavalries do all the jobs.

TROM addresses both by nerfing cavalry's AOE damage with greatly reduced jumping attacks (so they rely more on their stats when charging) and melee chance to hit stat gives some infantry a 'offensive infantry' role that was much needed in game. By making infantry more useful and tactically varied TROM achieves to have better balance and tactical viabilities for different tactics.

I can't stress enough how TROM's combat mechanics is simply superior to vanilla as long as you don't simply enjoy the vanilla's aspect of heroes and cavalries doing everything in every battle.

5. More units variety.

TROM achieves this with careful roaster and weakened rock-paper-scissors relations between units.

TROM is really good at not senselessly flooding you roasters with copy pasted units. Each unit has more clear roles than vanilla. In vanilla the Wuxing relations and hard-counters between units are so strong that militia cavalry charge can obliterate tier 6 emperor's guard purple infantry without losing one soldier during a charge which is quite ridiculous to be frank. 3k has too many 'gamey' relations such as invincibility during a charge if not reflected and whatnot depending on units' colours and TROM weakens the link just enough so more specialized and unique army roaster is possible.

Not only that but research is also made faster to facilitate unit diversity for players and AIs alike. Earlier research has lower cooldown, later research has higher cooldown and few are title-locked which means both you and AI unlock more units(that are faction specific) making roasters seem generally different over the long term, not just in a specific part of your campaign.

Conclusion: I hope it doesn't read like I'm berating vanilla or other mods or forcing the mod upon you. I simply have a particular set of preferences like any other gamers, and TROM just perfectly fits the bill I require and I wanted to introduce it to other fellow TK gamers who felt the game got repetitive after many campaigns. I strongly recommend the mod if you haven't tried it and you are not the type of a player who likes heroes racking hundreds of kills. (if you like that, there are other better mods that do that such as Wu)

TROM doesn't work with Mandate of Heaven campaign and 8 princes campaign. You need to play either 190 or 194 campaign.

part 1 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1977631962

part 2 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1998760417

TROM warlords(if you use warlord it only supports 190 campaign. There is unofficial warlord mod that supports 194 too if you look it up) https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1978750737

TROM warlords English add-on https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1995961519&searchtext=trom+warlord
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