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4k UI scale for Attila

ScarrrrfaceScarrrrface Registered Users Posts: 6
Dear CA,

This is the second post I write about Total War Attila.

In your Total War Access you have shown how you interviewed modders for 1212 Medieval Kingdoms and also Divide Et Impera in the past..

We modders need some support and we are not asking for much, but I think asking for 4k UI scale should not be that hard to implement. Rome 2 and Attila are games where extreme hours of modding have taken place that keep those games alive. Please make Attila great again with the simple implementations that I have asked:

1) 4k UI scale as 4k has become the normal these days and it is currently unplayable for many players who would want to get their hands on Attila or people who already have it and have upgraded their monitors.

2) Please add "Unit max drag width" under KV Rules and "minimum ranks" under Unit Category in DB files.

Please CA.. I ask this as a voice across thousands of fans. I am happy to pay for this to happen, my user name is "scarrrrrface" on steam.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


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