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Unit Max Drag Width (KV Rules) and "Minimum Ranks" (Unit Category) DB files and 4k UI scale

ScarrrrfaceScarrrrface Registered Users Posts: 6
Dear CA,

Let me start by saying that total war games are the best thing that has ever happened in my gaming life... so I cannot thank you enough for that.

Now to the point: I have been modding a lot across all TW titles and i can see rome 2 has both unit max drag width and a minimum ranks column under unit category table. Us modders cant find anything for total war attila that can help us do that (there is no unit max drag width in kv rules tables and minimum ranks on unit category.

The minimum ranks column is also very useful as it restricts the unit forming a thin line which looks ugly when it has incurred many losses (something which is also missing in the new titles). Unit max drag width is a relative width measure but min ranks is absolute and having both gives amazing capabilities in AI battle improvement.

You have seen the amazing work that modders have done in Attila (1212 Medieval Kingdoms), Rome 2 (Divide Et Impera) etc so we need your support in very simple aspects that Attila should have gotten when Rome 2 was updated.

Please add the unit max drag width and min ranks on Attila and update the UI scale for 4k support.
You did it perfectly on rome with both additions of max drag width and minimum ranks and 4k support.. is it hard work to do it for attila? I am happy to create a fund for this.. I am scarrrrrface on steam.

Thanks and have great holidays
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