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Send suggested history for next Total War game production.

Kaung_Htet_Kyaw_2001Kaung_Htet_Kyaw_2001 Registered Users Posts: 2
edited December 2020 in Total War General Chat
Dear Creative Assembly,

I am so glad that you made historical turn based real time strategy games and I also loved to play your games since Total war: Empire, Total war Shogun 2, Total war Rome II and so on. But there is another history about your total war game.

I want to make a request about the history of Burmese empire. Our country, Myanmar, has existed as the largest and the most influencing empire in South-East Asia once. It has three ages. The first was the Bagan Empire which existed from 1044 to 1334 A.D, the second was two part of about the taungoo empire from 1510 to 1599 A.D and the restoration of Taungoo Empire from 1600 to 1752. The third age was the Konbaung Empire which existed from 1752 to 1885 A.D. The founder of the First Burmese empire was the King Anawrahta which was reigned from 1044 to 1077 A.D. The second age was the King Mingyi Nyo, Tabinshwehti, Bayinnaung who made the first age of Taungoo empire the largest and most influential in South East Asia, and Nanda Bayin from 1510 to 1599 A.D in the first part. The second part of the Taungoo Empire which was restored was King Nyaungyan in 1600 was from 1600 A.D to 1752 A.D . The third age of the Konbaung empire which was founded by King Alaungpaya who reigned in 1752 in the time of the second Taungoo empire collapse and reunited in 1756 and died in 1760 existed from 1752 A.D to 1885 A.D.

Well, this is about the summary of the glorious empires of my country. If you want to know about the empires in more detail you can research many resources such as in Wikipedia, Britannica, New World encyclopedia, and in Facebook Military Note Page (Link- https://www.facebook.com/MilitaryNotes | Facebook and Facebook Group Link - စစ္မွတ္တမ္း(MNJ) - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1700922683553763 | Facebook). I and Our country would appreciate you if you had made the game about our country's empires as the total war games and I will support your games forever.

Long live the Creative Assembly and Total War games. Be famous.

With the best wishes,

Myanmar Citizen and Your Total War Game Hardcore Fan,

Kaung Htet Kyaw


  • jamreal18jamreal18 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 10,967
    edited December 2020
    The top 3 Asian Countries for me are China, Japan and Korea.

    Japan has Shogun while China and Korea have their own Three Kingdoms.


    Anyways what will be the factions and gameplay of your country?
  • davedave1124davedave1124 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 14,297
    SE Asia would be interesting and that includes characters. Martial arts of these regions are more practical and there are unique weapon and fighting styles like Kranikrabong.
    Interested in Sea Elves? Did you just call me a simpleton?

  • greendolphingreendolphin Registered Users Posts: 53
    It doesn't seem very exciting to play the battles constantly in tropical forests though.
  • davedave1124davedave1124 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 14,297
    SE Asia isn’t a huge tropical forest, it’s as diverse as anywhere else.
    Interested in Sea Elves? Did you just call me a simpleton?

  • Empire2pleaseEmpire2please Registered Users Posts: 8
    My pitch for Empire 2: Total War
    (I liked the name 'Imperial: Total War' but the 'Empire 2' title keeps the vide of other Total War sequels like Rome 2, Warhammer 2, Shogun 2)

    I'm sure CA is already working on something like this - but here we go!

    Campaign Time Period: Late 1865 to late 1914

    - Europe - similar Empire and Napoleon (Europe, North Africa, some of Middle East like only territories that boarder the Mediterranean, and the Caucasus Region as displayed in Empire)
    - North America and the Caribbean - Similar to Empire but slimmed down a bit (from southern Canada to southern Mexico/central Caribbean) no Central American or Northern South American territories
    - Southern Africa - Territories encompassing the southern tip of Africa and its eastern coast opposite Madagascar
    - South East Asia - some territories encompassing the southern Chinese coast, modern day Vietnam, the Islands of the Philippines, and maybe southern Japan
    - The Theater of India and the expanse of the Middle East, as they are represented in Empire would not be included in this game to favor the theaters of Southern Africa and Eastern/Southeast Asia - the trade theaters would also not exist (as their inclusion simulates the creation of the large national trading companies of the 1700s)

    - The Rise of Super Empires
    = UK and Germany
    - The Fall of Old Empires
    = Spain, Russia, and Ottoman Empire
    - Colonization of Africa and Asia
    = through the inclusion of the theaters listed above
    - Mass Industrialization
    = Roads, Railroads, and Electricity for infrastructure improvements - building multiple factories and ports of the same type provide bonuses not just to the territory they reside but to other like buildings/industries as well (simulating the evolution of the accumulating economic power of individual corporations and industries)
    - The increasing influence of the United States - holdover from Empire
    - The increasing influence of Central Europe
    - Industrialization of War
    - Evolution Governments

    Playable Factions:
    - The United Kingdom
    - The French Empire
    - The Empire of Spain
    - The German Empire
    - The Kingdom of Italy
    - The Austro-Hungarian Empire
    - The Russian Empire
    - The Ottoman Empire
    - Japanese Colonies (like the British, French, and Spanish colony factions from Empire)
    - United States of America

    Technology Trees:
    Military Industrialization:
    - ex. Muskets to rifles and repeaters, wooden navies powered by sales to steal ships run on coal, cannons to artillery, machine guns at very end of campaign (probably no tanks and airplanes units - sorry)
    Economic Industrialization:
    - ex. electricity, industrialized farming, railroads, monopolies, mass industry (steal, coal, oil - you would not need to collect or micromanage these resources, but they contribute to your overall economy)
    Societal Mobilization:
    - ex. suffrage movement, workers’ rights (unions), trade tariffs, modern energy, advanced economic systems, manifest destiny, nationalism, aircraft, self determination

    Government Types:
    - Absolute Monarchy/Imperial Dynasty
    - Constitutional Monarchy
    - Democracy/Republic
    - Dictatorship
    Managing the government would be similar to the management of family trees in Rome and Attila. Absolute Monarchies/Imperial dynasties and Constitutional Monarchies would be managing the royal families and their political confidants. For Democracy/Republic and Dictatorships Royal Families would be replaced by political parties (Populists and Centrists maybe). Dictatorships would only have one Political Party (call it Authoritarianists maybe). Government types would change when public unrest reaches untenable levels. Change could be attained through a forced referendum, or through revolt.

    Introduction to real time battle mechanics - a battle or two set during the American Civil War (as the Union/USA)
    Introduction to turn based/campaign map mechanics - Boxer Rebellion/colonization of Africa/Asia (as United Kingdom)
    Test Your Skills - The Franco Prussian War (as Germany)

    For those of us who want an actual sequel to Empire, not just the spiritual one we currently have in Napoleon (thought his game is good too!), yet who are worried about the mechanics of WWI changing Total War to much; this may be an acceptable compromise. Also for those who want to explore WWI era and play out battles using units similar to those used during WWI without worrying about correctly simulating trench warfare, once the campaign officially ends in 1914, what's stopping you from making your own World War?

    Sorry for the spelling/grammar mistakes
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