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Icarus affair/Sakai incident marines

Does anyone know, firstly, whether there is an American/French event that gives a unit of marines like the Icarus affair does? I saw one throwaway comment online that suggested there was a French event based on the Sakai incident, but have never got them in my campaigns. I have never seen or heard anything about an American event.

Secondly, does anyone know what the trigger for these events is? I've just finished a Tosa campaign, where I immediately captured a smithing province, teched for a trade distract and encampments to train 3 uber accurate marines and was hoping to get a fourth unit via the event, but alas, it never happened. does choosing an American trade mission stop the Icarus affair from firing? In essence, is the only way to get an extra marine unit to wait for the Icarus event to fire and then to go with either a French or American trade port?

If no one knows, any idea how I'd check this out for myself?
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