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Drycha’s campaign – crash after battle with Grimgor

Demorator#4672Demorator#4672 Registered Users Posts: 2
Problem description:
During Drycha’s Mortal Empires campaign I declared war and attacked Grimgor. Each time, after that battle (first battle with Grimgor) the game crashes (after progress bar on battle summary screen reaches 100%).
I don’t have any problems with other campaigns (Gor-Rok, Ikit, Wurrzag). I contacted support and followed all the instructions that I received (removing all mods, reinstall etc.), but it didn’t help, so I was told to open entry here.

Reproduction steps:
1. Begin battle (not auto-battle)
2. Win the battle
3. On battle summary screen wait until progress bar reaches 100%
4. When it does game crashes

Warhammer 2 version: 1.10.0 Build 16858.2145458


  • DrVagueDrVague Registered Users Posts: 1
    I'm having a very similar issue with my Karl Franz campaign. Attack Grimgor at Akendorf. Game crashes at post battle loaf screen. Have 2 separate campaigns going and have same issue on both.

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