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The Last Roman custom battle issues

JPocockJPocock Registered Users Posts: 3
I tried contacting Sega about this problem after being directed to them by Steam and in the email they in turn directed me here. I bought The Last Roman DLC but after several reinstalls of the whole game and just the individual DLC I am still experiencing problems. When on the custom battle menu, only the Ostrogothic Kingdom and Roman Expedition are available and they are mixed in with the Grand Campaign factions whether I select the Grand Campaign or the Last Roman from the drop-down menu above the map. As well as this, when I uninstalled the Last Roman the entire game would crash instantly when I click on the custom battle option. I have no mods, just the main game (Tyrants & Kings Edition) initially installed from a disc and I bought through Steam the Blood & Burning DLC. Everything that came with the initial game and the blood effects have all worked fine. I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I am not very tech savvy so if anyone is able to help me please explain things as simply as possible, sorry!

I apologise if there is already a discussion opened on this very subject but I wasn't sure how to find it without trawling through every single page. I also apologise if this isn't the right subheading to put this under but I thought it was the right one from the descriptions.

Any help would be very much appreciated because I was really looking forward to The Last Roman and I was so disappointed to discover this issue.

Many thanks,


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