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Clan Eshin - Crash on end turn after using plunge into anarchy action

samdrobertssamdroberts Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 2

I'm experiencing a crash to desktop over turn end after using the Clan Eshin shadowy dealing - plunge into anarchy

Build: v1.10.1
16966.2153399 (modded)

Detailed description:
Clan Eshin - Turn 67 - I used the Plunge into Anarchy Shadow Dealings action on Grimgors Hardboys faction. When I end the turn the game proceeds as normal until it reaches the Golden Orders turn, at which point the game crashes.

I am using 2 mods (better battle camera and 1 button respec)

Reproduction Steps:
- Click end turn
- Wait for Golden Order turn
- Game crashes

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:
I have tried disabling the 1 button respec mod and this made no difference
Playing on Legendary difficulty so I don't have a save file to roll back to and continue without using the plunge into anarchy action



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