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4 player co-op CA response

epic_1597353472710YTjUKcepic_1597353472710YTjUKc Registered Users Posts: 7
Has Creative Assembly said anything about 4 player coop in Warhammer 3?
Coop on these the past 2 warhammers is so much fun and my friends and I often talk about how many hours we would sink in the game if we could play 4 player coop.
Hell even if the turn time took for ever I wouldn't mind since we usually play campaigns over a period of a few weeks anyways.
Has CA entertained the idea at all?


  • Kayosiv#7489Kayosiv#7489 Senior Member Kirkland WA. USARegistered Users Posts: 2,850
    edited January 2021
    Sadly, they have promised no new multiplayer features.

    However, they really haven't mentioned much Warhammer 3 at all, so that doesn't mean much yet. News will come.
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