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Multiplayer/Coop Slow-Mo Crash with Over 5000 Units

CBowlingCBowling Registered Users Posts: 1
edited January 2021 in Multiplayer Bugs
Build: v1.6.1 15509.2098178

Mods: None. N/A. Vanilla


The issue occurs anytime my friend and I initiate a battle (whether in Coop Campaign or Custom Battle). Essentially, any time we start a battle with over 5000 units (and we had a battle with 5007 units for testing) and slow motion is selected, the game crashes to desktop. We've been able to replicate this whether two players are on the field or one player is spectating whilst the other is commanding an army. It does not seem to matter.

On Extreme Unit size, this 5000 threshold is easily breached with just two full-stack armies.
On Ultra settings, it takes usually a second AI army to hit the cap.

Regardless, we've been able to get battles with less than 5000 units (4967 to be exact) with no crash. Once we hit above 5000 by adding a single cavalry unit (5007 units to be exact) it crashed. It is 100% replicable on our end.

We have no campaign save or battle replay, as once the game crashes it doesn't seem to save those. But it should be easily replicated on your end.

Please advise on best course of action to fix this.

Note: This only appears to happen in Multiplayer. Both friend and I can have singleplayer custom battles with well over 20k units and click slow-motion without crash. It seems to only be MP/Coop battles with 5k units that cause the slow motion crash.

Steps Taken to Fix (Unsuccessfully):

- Verified Integrity of Game Cache (Both his and my game)
- Reinstalled game (Both he and I)
- Deleted folders/files (both he and I)

Steps Taken to Reproduce:

- Has to be Multiplayer/Coop
- Unit count must exceed 5k in total for the battle
- Once slow motion is clicked/activated (by one player if another is spectating, or both players if both are commanding), the crash will occur.
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