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Give AI lords and Heroes specific build orders

VacmidvalleyVacmidvalley Registered Users Posts: 363
Right now the lords and heroes of the AI randomly put points in things and its just awful. All of the time the wizards have only their starting spell and lords their tree specs are all over the place. When you confed lords you can see how bad they are using their points. The should have a few set build specs that they go for and recruit to synergize their army recruitment.

The AI is awful right now.

Really annoying to see an enemy hero on the campaign map with great items on them but they are just assaulting garrisons of random towns when the AI should transfer those items to other characters..

AI doesn't know what to do because you left it behind.


  • DumbledoodDumbledood Registered Users Posts: 98
    Yeah, the AI skill selection could use some improvement. Would be great if they knew to recruit specific units once they take the corresponding red skill line improvements for those units.

    Given that the AI gets boosts to economy, it seems like the blue line is mostly a waste for them, although I'm not completely sure about that.

    It seems like for the AI the best route is to max their yellow line if they're a melee variant, and the spell line if they're a caster. Then take all their special skills (including magic and missile resistance, but just the one mount). Finally, go for a specific red skill line build.

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