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Wood Elf bugs

eomateomat Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1,922
Hi @CA_Rich_A

I have been waiting ages for the Wood Elves to have their update and they finally have and yet there are some minor bugs that I have been reporting on here, facebook and other platforms which just don't seem to be recognised.

1. Glade Lord and Waystalker hero both have Alith Anars blue glow on them in Campaign map only. This has been since Alith Anar joined and needs removing.
2. Waystalker has his bow and sword both in left hand on Campaign map.
3. Glade Captain has an ethereal effect over her bow but it dissappears when she fires. Honestly the effect looks bad in the WH2 lighting and covers up a great textured bow. Removing the effect would be easier and look better.
4. Witchwood settlement in ME is sitting too high and is stretching the ground texture.

Could Waystalker hero have the same stealthy run as the Glade Captain? He is meant to be stealthy but runs bolt upright.

I know these are small details but this may be the only time you guys do another pass on the Wood Elves and we have been waiting ages for them to be polished.

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