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Historical Inaccuracies in Historical Battles.

Spartan480BCSpartan480BC Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 127
edited January 8 in Napoleon: Total War
At the Battle of Borodino, the Russians had large earthwork fortifications in which they placed many of their cannons. But in the Borodino game, no such fortifications exist.

At the Battle of Waterloo, the British built no earthwork fortifications along the crest of their ridge for emplacing their cannons. They didn't have time having just deployed into position plus the tremendous rains had made the ground too mucky to build anything. But in the Waterloo game, the British have one huge earthwork fortification in the middle of the crest of their ridge which contains a powerful battery of artillery. This falsehood makes it even harder for the French to win the game than it should be. It's annoying.
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