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skaven undercity hidey hole bug

akauderakauder Registered Users Posts: 1
edited January 2021 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
I am playing as ikit claw and I noticed when building the undercity building Hidey-holes is supposed to provide 20 percent of a settlement's income but for some reason, it does not calculate correctly. on settlement below 500 gold, I often get 0 gold from the building. on settlements with 3000, it will give maybe 20-50 gold instead of 600, and that is before the bonus income multipliers.i started a game with mods and noticed the issue so I disabled all my mods and tried a vanilla game with no change. at the moment I am playing on vanilla with all DLC except the warden and paunch. I saw a few other posts about this on steam but not many. right now the building is entirely useless as it provides zero benefits. I tried restarting my campaign and no change occurred. also I'm not certain if this is exclusive to clan skryre or if it also affects other factions.

v 1.10.1 build 16966.2153399


  • nnorgaardnnorgaard Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited January 2021
    I have the same problem! I'm also playing Clan Skryre on Mortal Empires, I have all/most DLC and no mods. I haven't found any answers yet, I'm just another data point!

    Game version 1.10.1 Build 16966.2153399
  • LaykLayk Registered Users Posts: 1
    I'm playing Skrolk in Vortex and having the same issue. Here's what appears to be the problem:

    You do get the percentage displayed from Thieves' Hidey-Holes (Rat-Keeters, Ratkin Mafia) and similar buildings like Raiding Camp in income, however, those buildings do not display the correct calculation. You can see this if you scroll over predicted income and look at "Under-Empire Income."

    However, you do NOT get the bonus income displayed in parentheses for these buildings.

    You also do NOT get the displayed bonus income from the Warp-Token Stash/Warp-Token Mint buildings. These buildings show the correct total, but you actually get less than that due to the bug.
  • YalenYalen Registered Users Posts: 8
    edited June 2021
    I have calculated all the income I should be getting using a spreadsheet. If I'm using the base values and percentages (excluding all bonuses), I'm still getting less than the amount I calculated.

    I should have 2401.40 thieving income and 1000 income from Warp-Token stashes/mints, excluding bonuses.
    However, I'm getting +3336 expected Under-empire income (maintenance is listed seperately under expenses).

    So even before trying to find out which bonuses are applied, you'll even get less than the base. This leads me to believe the Thieving income is based on less than the displayed settlement's wealth, but it would be nice if we get more insight in this kind of calculations. Same goes for Unit stat calculations, but that's a whole different story :smile:

    edit: Not using any mods by the way, and I think I have all DLC
  • ballan4444@gmail.com[email protected] Registered Users Posts: 6
    It feels like both the display values and the actual amount are incorrect for Undercities.
  • YalenYalen Registered Users Posts: 8
    Lol, I can't believe my eyes that I didn't notice this before! Look at my spreadsheet; the listed 'Expected Under-empire Income' is exactly the same as my Thieving + Bonus! (3335.94) = 3336. So that would mean that the Thieving calculation is correct, but the Wap-token stash isnt taken into account. OR the WTS just doesnt show under the 'Únder-Empire income' altogether.. ?

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