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Vampire counts, bloody kisses and upgrade proposal.

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Hi all!

Thank to all CA team for the hole game and the last DLS.
As I've finished last game session playing Vampire Counts, I'd like to discuss and to propose a small addition to the 2nd resource of this race.

Vampire Counts has got one of the first "rework" of all nations of the old world from first game, as I remember. And we earned vampire dynasties and 2nd resource -- bloody kisses. For all upgrades we need 105 bloody kisses. That's possibly enough to finish the shot game, but what would we do with other kisses playing the long one? So, we face the situation, when we have the resource, but have no any way to spend it (rather same situation with the Empire one).

From the other side, as I understand, the vampire roster has pretty all units, exception smth like zombie-dragons and few more. Some people says, that it's not enough for a full DLS. I really don't know that.

But I'd like to propose one addition to the system of dynasties and bloody kisses:
you can set some rare units, like zombie-dragon, buying them for bloody kisses (and money too).
For example, we open the third level of Blood dragon. With campaign upgrade that would provide us capability to recruit zombie-dragon for about 8 bloody kisses. The same situation with crossbowmen with 1st dynasty level, for example, with 1 bloody kiss, and handgunners for 3 kisses.
Of course, this units might be only recruited not raised. Of course, I'd like to see units useful and balanced. The zombie-dragon won't be op against terrorgheist, but should have some small advantages. I'd like to see units like anti-large blood knights on feet, a pair of cavalry units, should be smth like kurfurst units of Empire.

Yes, I'm not ready to propose the all roster. But the main idea is to add the way to spend 2nd resource all the game. Also it might be interesting situation, when the player would have to make a choice -- upgrade the hole empire or to take 1-2 useful units to increase lord's army.

As the English is not my native language, I hope, that could describe all my idea, and it might be useful and interesting.
Wish all the community happy new year and new good experience in our game.
Thank you.
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