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Battle AI Improvement suggestions (DIRELY NEEDED)

TeNoSkillTeNoSkill Registered Users Posts: 3,406
The battle-AI has some glaring issues that make it easy to abuse the Computer player and beat him in the same ways, regardless of difficulty level.

This is what I found;


The biggest Issue the AI has with magic is the wind/ vortex/ missle/ breath/ bombardment-spells.
This is because the AI ONLY reacts when it is already beeing affected by the damage, which is usually FAR too late to evade it.

The AI must be made capable of recognizing the casting signs on the ground and the patterns of wind/ bombardment/ breath-spells aswell as the initial starting points of vortexes BEFORE the spell actually sets and is still beeing casted.
That way the AI won t march like sheep to the slaughter. Maybe the degree of dodging could be tied to difficulty level.

Artillery managment
The AI manages Artillery really bad in combination with other units. Mainly it does
-not protect the artillery
-does not utilize an artillery advantage when it would be possible

Instead of recognizing when it has artillery pieces with e.g higher range, and first trying to utilize this by sitting back, the AI charges ahead with it´s melee units which leaves the artillery open to be taken out easily by vanguarded or fast units.
Which in turn makes it really easy to defeat the AI on ANY difficulty.

The AI must be more capable of utilizing any ranged advantage by not sending all of its melee units into the fray when it actually has more capable (more range/units over all) missle units then the player.
The AI should try to sit back and utilize its ranged power.

Ranged hit value detection
Another problem for the AI is that it is not capable of determining if its ranged fire yields desireable results.
The AI will shoot HAPPILY ALL of its ammunition at a single entity without doing damage at all. Both artillery AND ranged units have this problem.

The AI should stop shooting if it´s not hitting/damaging the intended target enough. A timer should be on this that doesn t immediatly rset when the shooting stops. Maybe the timer-time reset should be tied to difficulty

Usage of skirmish mode
The AI seems to have all skirmishers on...well, skirmish-mode permanently. This however causes problems for infantry skirmishers (and slower units generally e.g luminarks);
Since they are so slow they can be eternally disrupted by just going near them, exspecially with fast, single entity units.

Make skirmish mode on slower units only trigger when they actually enter melee combat AND start losing melee combat.

Army cohesion
The AI has big problems keeping the army together,exspecially in reenforcement battles.
Whenever the AI attacks they throw in their units piecemeal;
first cavalry and mounted skirmisheres, then infantry/foot skirmishers (usually the artillery just gets left behind).
If there are reenforcements the AI doesn t wait for them, taking away the advantage of actually having more troops.

Also the AI tends to get baited quiet easily into pursuit, even when they are not catching the unit for ages.

The AI should keep their army more cohesive and try to attack with as many units as possible at the same time.
If the AI gets baited into pursuit it should recognize earlier when it doesn t actually catch the units.

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