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Suggestions for improving the game

Pirate GhostPirate Ghost Registered Users Posts: 3
Hello dear Creative Assembly. Here are my suggestions for improving the game:
1. Make it possible to reset skills after confederation;
2. Make sure that after the death of the legendary factions, its legendary lord goes to any living faction of the given race;
3. Make it so that in unique cities and cities with unique buildings, as well as in the forts of the Empire and the gates of Ulthuan, the commanders in chief were not heroes, but lords, in order to increase the effectiveness of the defense of these regions;
4. Make it possible to reset the skills of the lords after reaching the maximum level;
5. Make it so that the heroes can provide small reinforcements when available in battle, and be controlled by the AI. For example, if there is an imperial captain in battle, then he gives 4 swordsmen and 2 crossbowmen, if in battle a battle mage, then he gives 4 spearmen and 2 pistoliers, etc .;
6. Make sure that after capturing a province, an AI-controlled patrol spawns and patrols the province. Or make it so that after capturing all or most of the provinces within a radius of 1 province, somewhere 3-4 patrol armies appear, which would ply across all nearby provinces. For example, if you capture all or most of the provinces closest to Reikland, then, as I said, 3-4 patrol armies would appear and bypass all the provinces of the player or AI within the Reikland radius;
7. Diversify the troops of the factions that are not similar to the troops of the given race in other factions. For example, more variety of living Pirates of Sartosa, Breton pirates of the Drowned, vampire undead of the Followers of Nagash, etc.
8. Give the opportunity through diplomacy to exchange regions with AI or between AI;
9. Make the troops of the garrison of the regions more diverse, as well as the presence of units from the DLS;
10. Introduce a new feature for Undead, Skaven and Chaos races: If the corruption of your or enemy faction is in the lead in a province, a small invading army of your or enemy faction will periodically appear, which seeks to attack nearby hostile armies or settlements of other factions, even if you or AI do not fight with each other. If the invading army defeats other armies, then after the death of this invading army, you or the AI ​​receive the resources earned after the victory, and if the invading army captures the settlement, then it either comes under the control of the player or the AI, or the settlement will belong to the invading army and then others factions will have to send armies to end the invasion armies. That is, for example, the Rictus clan is the leader in corruption in the province of Naggarond, then the invasion armies of the Rictus clan will periodically appear there, and if she defeated 2-3 armies and then lost to someone, then the Rictus clan will receive money or something else that managed to get the invading army. And if the invasion captures a city in Nagaronda or outside the province and transfers it to the Rictus clan, then if the captured city belonged to a faction that is not at war with the Rictus clan, then war will not be declared, unless the former owner of the city offers to return the settlement to Rictus, otherwise if a war breaks out;
11. Diversify the treasures and armies that protect them at sea and add treasures on land as well, as well as introduce event armies that need to be defeated by the main legendary lord;
12. Introduce a new feature for Skaven and Vampire Coast: if there is a bay or an underground city, the invading army will periodically appear and will behave in the same way as the invading armies specified in clause 10;
13. Introduce the ability to assault coastal settlements from the sea or settlements close to water through the mechanics of forward deployment;
14. Make more unique items so that there are at least 2 of these items, and as a maximum, so that the lord or hero has in each cell a unique item for this lord or hero;
15. Increase the number of quest battles and diversify the troops participating in this quest battle, as well as diversify the battles themselves, so that the goal is not only to defeat the enemy army, but to do some other actions during the battle.
That seems to be all the suggestions for improving the game that I would like to see in the game. Thanks for attention.

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