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What is the Multiplayer like?

MidyinMidyin Registered Users Posts: 9
I ask because i’m thinking about buying the game(TW: Warhammer 2), but all i can find on youtube is the battles. Is that all there is to the MP?

The single player looks good, REAL GOOD, like a streamlined version of a Civilization game, but with the combat of a TW game, and thats what i want.
Civ games combat is trash.

I would love to start up a map with friends fighting each other and the other factions(under AI control) for control of the world.

If thats not what the MP is like, them maybe the Devs could consider that as a MP mode for a DLC or TW: Warhammer 3


  • ValkaarValkaar Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,371
    There is a ‘co-op’ or ‘head to head’ 2 player multiplayer campaign mode, separate from the ladder/custom battles where it takes place on the world map and you each take your turns building your cities and everything else.

    However! It has a lot of technical issues. Lots of glitches and desyncs. And in head to head it isn’t very balanced. I’m not saying don’t try it. I just wouldn’t ‘buy the game’ for it. It’s not a mode CA has put a lot of polish into.

  • MidyinMidyin Registered Users Posts: 9
    Thanks thats helpful.
  • The_real_FAUSTThe_real_FAUST Registered Users Posts: 1,180
    Yes buy the game and yes also play the multiplayer.

    Both are great MP, has a very strong and friendly comunity, don't worry about losing, you will improve quickly, ask questions join the Discords
  • CastanietzscheCastanietzsche Registered Users Posts: 8
    There are also multiplayer battles with a ladder but some abuses like draw lifting and corner camping are yet to be solved.
    Bit against fairplay opponents the game is surprisingly well balanced in multiplayer once you know how to build an army and how to adapt to MUs.
    IMO TW:W2 is totally worth its versus multiplayer, especially in player organised tourneys where the major abuses are fixed by extra rules.

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