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Masters and Chieftains (suggestions for next dlc (and not beastmen))

h455566hhh455566hh Registered Users Posts: 40

I think the final TW2 dlc should up-date the factions that lag behind the rest of the gang. Beastmena re getting their up-date, but lets speculate on up-date other factions as a part of the dlc.


Overall they have a pretty good roster that needs just a few additions to feel rounded off.


A plethora of CASTER LORDS is a must. Norsca always suffered from a limited choice of lords, so a selection of caster lords should greatly improve the playstyle of this faction

Kihar the Tormentor as a LEGENDARY HERO. Most factions no have legendary heroes so why not introduce the campaign character as LH for norsca?

Fimir Warlord Hero - a ranged hero armed with a throwing spear (think like Orion), who could be used for kite builds and support if you got with a caster lord.


Skinwolf Werekin base PRICE LOWERED to 1050 from 1150. It's a good hero but a bit too expensive, especially considering how expensive Wofrik and Throgg are.

Frost-Wyrm PRICE DROP to 1600 gold. Same problem a unit that's rarely used because of its price.


Empire needs just a few tweaks as well.


A set of caster lords is a must in modern TW2. So a caster lord for every lore of magic.

Knightly Order Grand Master - a hero character who can use the griffon. One of the problems with the empire is their lack of ANTI-LARGE heroes (who are not Franz). So this hero is meant to fill this role.

Valten - LEGENDARY HERO. Why is this even a discussion?

Teutogen guard - heavy infantry with a heavy charge bonus. Another type of infantry that most up to date factions have but not the empire.

Hounds of Ulric - large hounds that work like light cav. The Cult of Ulric has them on loan from Norsca.


Steam tank PRICE DROP to 2000 and it can shoot it's main cannon in melee. A unit that's supposed to be empire's monster is pathetic right now. To make it viable it should be cheaper and actually kill things. This is what I'm suggesting to change about it.

Reiksguard get light ANTI-LARGE. Right now there's no point in taking reiksguard over knights of the blazing sun. So making them a lighter version of demigryphs with halberds should be a pretty healthy change.

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