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3 years of Tomb Scorpions getting stuck in sieges

tinfoilgeneraltinfoilgeneral Registered Users Posts: 12
edited January 14 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
So, back in 2018, when the Tomb Kings dlc came out, this guy first reported this bug.

Then, 9 months ago, this guy chimed in.

And today, it was my turn and it happened multiple times. Usually around the gate but also in the residences, as above. The unit is completely immobile until the battle has finished.

So maybe it's about time for a fix?


  • dougal_83dougal_83 Member Registered Users Posts: 75
    Hate to break it to you but this will only be fixed when there is a political motive. Try contacting Grace_CA and inform her that the scorpions are facing transphobic discrimination by the oppressive walls. Rome 2 managed to get female generals out of the blue to empower strong independent wamen for reasons so why not add the scorpion to the rainbow flag?

    Hey hey ho ho this Scorpion transphobia has got to go.
  • valky667valky667 Registered Users Posts: 141
    In other news..ppl just click an empty spot to move their scorpion thru the door, while blocking the units with their own.
    I always suspected a unit with a mass of 2400 can't be hold down by anything. Truth to be told, I was right.

    The call for bugs, where it ain't one is getting atracious.

    I guess it's a similar bug, like shooting thru gates or not using ratling guns properly, because they can FIRE thru holes in the wall.
    Must be my buggy game....

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