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Make war coordination work more reliably and vassals actually good

DumbledoodDumbledood Registered Users Posts: 96
edited January 15 in Feedback & Suggestions
I thought I'd give the war coordination feature another try in this last campaign. It had been long enough (1k + hours since) and I'd grown as a player. Figured either I could find a way to utilize it better now, or it may have been updated.

And honestly it's still relegated to the feature graveyard as far as I'm concerned, along with vassals.

I'll give a good example from my game.

My military allies had been mostly cheering me on and sitting out of the war we were in, but I happened to notice that they had an army not far from an enemy settlement. I thought it would be fun to fight a battle with some allied friends, so set a war coordination target for the enemy settlement, and start besieging it with my army. Could've fought it myself on that turn, but it sounded fun to take it together.

Well.. 6 turns pass and eventually my enemies bring reinforcements and I do the smart thing and back off (I guess sacking would've worked but I wanted to see what my allies would do). And what do they do? Charge "bravely" into all 3 armies the turn after I leave and get massacred. -.- Woo, great work guys! /s

So as far as I'm concerned the feature is pointless right now, and that's a bummer for new players trying things out, and old players. But there's always hope, it would be cool if war coordination wasn't useless. Which is harsh to say, but it's true right now.


  • CastanietzscheCastanietzsche Registered Users Posts: 14
    I actually do use this feature a lot to make allies finishing off opponents, either to avoid massive confederations and ordertides (finishing Reikland or Karaz a Karak) or to win campaign objectives.

    The most frustrating thing is when I ask for coordination very early against dwarfs and my ally recruits all but AP damage units. And so looses all auto-resolves :s

    Sometime the auto resolve is surprising too between AI factions. How I help my allies is with campaign heroes and the attack armies or attack garrisons actions. Works quite well !

    I'd like an actual discussion with my allies about setting our warplan and actually coordinating. And discussing early about splitting the territories/magic items/incomes. Something really diplomatic !
  • DumbledoodDumbledood Registered Users Posts: 96
    Those are some good ideas. And using heroes to aid your allies' efforts is a unique approach to mine.

    I'd just like to be able to coordinate the timing a bit better. Right now it's set a target and wait for a sign from the gods. Not very fun.

    I'm actually optimistic that CA will rework diplomacy for game 3 since it's been one of the biggest requests from the entire community. Maybe these things will get included in that if they do it.
  • CastanietzscheCastanietzsche Registered Users Posts: 14
    I loved the diplo in Europa Universalis IV but I think TW:W3 deserves unique mechanics to fit with its assymetric design. Warlord diplo traits are a very fun thing to play around but I'd like more possibilities.
    And maybe making the whole system more transparent.
    I'd like to be able to declare wars with no diplo repercussion with a casus belli and to be able to travel on recently captured regions without diplo penalties.
    And maybe some diplo trading or mercenary troops renting IDK.

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