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Game crashes if any involvement with Skaven AI or player

MattyGUK83MattyGUK83 Registered Users Posts: 3
Build: v1.10.1

Description: If during a campaign if I fight Skaven in a manual battle the game force quits/ crashes without any error message. This is also the case if i try to play as Skaven. I can auto resolve battles and the game doesn't crash. This has only recently started maybe last week or since the last latest update. Computer is high spec and have never had crashing issues (500+ hours played).

Attached files: All requested files are attached

Thank you in advanced for any help. Apart from effecting current campaign which is covered in Skaven at the moment, it is effecting all other games i play.

Kind Regards



  • MattyGUK83MattyGUK83 Registered Users Posts: 3
    Only mod installed is "better camera mod", however have removed and tried without with the same result.
  • valvandorvalvandor Registered Users Posts: 1
    I had the same issue.

    I fixed it in Steam by using the “Verify Integrity of Game files” option in Local files under the game’s properties options.

    The check found 4 bad files and re-downloaded them.

    Fixed my issue.

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