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Faction feel, aesthetics and characteristics you enjoy most

mecanojavi99mecanojavi99 Registered Users Posts: 1,188
Hello there again fellow man-things.

With every day that passes TWW3 gets closer and closer, and I can't express enough how much hyped I'm for the Chaos Dwarfs, because I love techonological advance races and factions in video games, that's why Ikit Claw is my favourite LL from the trilogy so far, but the chaos dwarfs also have this more industrially brutal aesthetic, what are basically demon engines from 40k, magma cannons and even Thomas the demon engine, and what will probably be my favorite SEM, the K'daai Destroyer, that makes me drool with anticipation.

So, what aesthetics, characteristics or feel of a faction do you enjoy the most from the factions we could have or we already have?


  • Giveaway412Giveaway412 Registered Users Posts: 736
    The Ogre Kingdoms.

    I just love the feel of the big boys. These huge, burly, gluttonous beasts that live harsh lives in the mountains, eating everything in sight, wielding immense power but being content to do almost nothing with it due to their neutrality. The scrap aesthetic, the prehistoric cavemen themes, the mercenary motif, I love all of it.

    I can't wait for them to make their arrival.
  • capybarasiesta89capybarasiesta89 Senior Member Bath, UKRegistered Users Posts: 4,575
    Aesthetics always liked VCounts first but I would love bit more improvements like Necrarch, Lahmian Lord looks, better animations to some monsters.

    Then The Empire, Dark Elves, Tomb Kings, Bretonnia, Skaven.
    Vampire Counts
    Tomb Kings
    The Empire

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  • MattockMattock Registered Users Posts: 279
    The fantasy caveman aesthetic of the ogre kingdoms is great. But I'm mostly looking forward to the evil industrial look of the chaos dwarfs, mixed in with the kdaai. It always gave me isenguard vibes
  • veresh1989veresh1989 Russia, Saint-PetersburgRegistered Users Posts: 3,788
    The High Elves, in them all the highest cosmic virtues are intertwined, they are living gods, beautiful and powerful.

  • Giveaway412Giveaway412 Registered Users Posts: 736
    Mattock said:

    The fantasy caveman aesthetic of the ogre kingdoms is great. But I'm mostly looking forward to the evil industrial look of the chaos dwarfs, mixed in with the kdaai. It always gave me isenguard vibes

    Oh yeah, that's gonna be awesome. Would love to enslave the world with fire and steel.
  • SaintCornSaintCorn Registered Users Posts: 688
    I personally am looking forward to Daemons of Chaos. I really enjoy the aesthetic of Nurgle and Tzeentch. The twisted avian look of Tzeentch daemons and Nurgle's perpetually cheerful, disgusting hordes. Will definitely be what I am looking forward to the most.
  • GettoGeckoGettoGecko Registered Users Posts: 1,179
    Papa Nurgle will bring his love to everyone, may you all be blessed by him.
  • MadDemiurgMadDemiurg Registered Users Posts: 3,665
    edited January 16
    I like the original concepts which also look good.

    The best for me would have to be:

    -Chaos Daemons. They aren't like anything else (often daemons in fantasy settings are just angry horned dudes) and the models look amazing. Big fan of Tzeentch in particular.

    -Lizardmen. The aztek lizards style is fresh, they have freaking dinos in fantasy, what else do you need.

    -Skaven. I like magitech/steampunk, this is the closest you get in WHFB and the design is pretty fresh too, like have you seen the doomwheel? Chaos Dwarfs would be the 2nd best in this regard. I would love to have some more high tech dwarfs too but not in this setting unfortunately.

    Team Daemons of Chaos

    Team Skaven

    Team Orcs & Goblins

  • SchwarzhelmSchwarzhelm Registered Users Posts: 1,822
    I love the Empire!
    In a lot of other fantasy settings humans are nothing more than punching back and are shown as weak, incompetent and inferior.
    In WHFB the Empire is a powerhouse which can see eye to eye with all other factions, they can stand on their own.
    I like how they are low fantasy and still be able to win against this OP horrors.

    The aesthetic is also great, gotta love the 16th century look!
  • NemoTheElf101NemoTheElf101 Registered Users Posts: 1,599
    Slaanesh, especially with the new models in Age of Sigmar. I love the decadent and lethal touches to everything.
  • ValkaarValkaar Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,651
    I always have found giant reptiles appealing, and are high key my aesthetic. Dinosaurs, Dragons, Godzilla, my pet monitor lizard, saltwater crocodiles, the whole 9 yards. They're all epic :)

    I ALSO am a sucker for cool armor designs. I like SLEEK armor which also carries thick/powerful vibes. The looks of various rounded heavy plate, and well as lamellar scales looks are the most impressive to me. So in real history, I like medieval knights, cataphracts, and heavy legionaries, as well as Greek helmets. In the game, Dwarfs and Dark Elves have the best armor designs imo, although Dragon Princes/Imrik's Horse specifically are also pretty high up there on my list.

    Unfortunately, I'm specifically NOT a fan of the 'Aztec' aesthetic armor wise. It's my only minor gripe with the Lizardmen aesthetic overall. It's just too many feathers, asymmetry, and protruding ornate geometric designs that look more decorative than effective.

    So in an IDEAL world, my most aesthetic faction would be the Lizardmen, if they wore Dark Elf or Dragon Prince armor. That would be....world shatteringly awesome :):):) What I wouldn't give though to see a Carnosaur decked out in such a look. It would absolutely make my day.

    And before anyone points it out, YES Malus/Cold One Dreadknights DO hit this sweet spot for me. Those are perhaps my favorite looking units in the game. They just aren't 'giant' enough, and not enough other units have that look within the roster for me to prefer Dark Elves overall compared to Lizardmen. Additionally, as aesthetic as the Dark Elf Cold Ones are....They kinda suck statistically lol. So it's hard to justify using them unless I'm meme-themeing. As opposed to Dragons n Dinosaurs which are actually quite good :)
  • RomeoRejectRomeoReject Registered Users Posts: 1,865
    I was legitimately amazed at how well CA did the Vampire Coast. They were an aesthetic I didn't even realize I wanted until after CA came up with them.

    I'm also kinda excited for the Chaos Dwarves and Tzeench. And if we're allowing lore-only possibility, I love the Snakemen of Khuresh based upon what little we know.
  • sykallsykall Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,050
    When its just faction feeling and aesthetics I must go for the tomb kings. They are not my favorite faction, but everything about them and their gameplay shines with atmosphere. You really feel like and undeath empire, that focusses less about building new things but rather uncover old structures, rediscover lost secrets and restore your former empire
  • MaedrethnirMaedrethnir Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 10,626
    The Dragonrealm, for that is where strength and nobility lies. Sleeping. Dreaming.

    As for Game3, hm, hm, hm. Today it's 51% flames of change and 49% seedless grapefruits.

  • VeldrinarVeldrinar Registered Users Posts: 190
    It would have to be the Dawi-Zharr. The industry of the dawi, made extreme and brutal. The ingenuity of the dawi, twisted and improved. The hardiness of the dawi, empowered by wicked sorcery. Also hats. Big, intimidating hats.
  • PPerunPPerun Registered Users Posts: 145
    The Skaven, the Lizardmen, the VCounts, would love to see the monogods 🤫🤭 but also
    The Wood Elves! Tree hugging hippies murdering everyone left and right because they are a threat to Mother Earth? Yes, please, very much so
  • MaelasMaelas Registered Users Posts: 935
    I'm a druuchi scum through and through. They are so over the top in every way, from style to mannerism to architecture, they are a big bunch of emo drama queens with no sense of too much, and I love it.
    Also they are so purely, abashedly, completely evil. Not a single redeeming trait ! What's not to adore ?

    For similar reasons, i'm contractually obligated to be a fan of Slaanesh.

    And finally, Dogs of War, ragtag bunch of mercenaries from every race, including all the minor, forgotten ones, led by fantasy-italians ? Oh yes.
  • John_KimbleJohn_Kimble Registered Users Posts: 850
  • Qwerty55Qwerty55 Registered Users Posts: 687
  • PPerunPPerun Registered Users Posts: 145
    Qwerty55 said:

    You mean the moustache?
  • Man2008kindMan2008kind Bucharest, RomaniaRegistered Users Posts: 1,107
    edited January 17


    looks cool.
  • CrajohCrajoh Member Registered Users Posts: 2,018
    Gotta be the gothic look of vamps.
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