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Should Beastmen be the next DLC



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    BM are in! It is known.
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    Nyxilis said:

    Valkaar said:

    I'm sure the Beastmen will be updated, either in this DLC, or the next one (if this DLC was already started/heavily underway before the T&T sales numbers were out....as CA stated T&T was going to be a sales experiment to test the viability of future DLC for DLC).

    That being said, deep down, I think veresh is RIGHT about the Steam achievements part anyway. The Beastmen sold poorly even in GAME 1, before anyone knew they were 'badly done' or that Mortal Empires showed their age. There was no metric to judge what a 'good' race pack looked like at the time; at least not until Wood Elves anyway. And MOST races had incomplete army books at that point and/or were missing showpiece units. So the missing Jabberslythe/Ghorgon type unit was not unusual. Yet people still didn't really care much for Beastmen. They were unpopular on Tabletop, they were unpopular in Game 1, and they were unpopular in Game 2. ALL of this unpopularity cannot be attributed to just 'they were poorly implemented...if done right, people would magically like them more'. The race is honestly just not that appealing to general audiences. It never has been.

    Greenskins for example....another race that aged poorly and needed a rework in Game 2, and got one, was still VERY popular within Game 1. It's DLC sold VERY well in Game 1, and was still relatively well played within Game 2 with much higher Steam achievement rankings in Game 2 compared to Beastmen, even BEFORE the Greenskins got their rework. Which means, people found that gameplay less satisfying, and had aged poorly, but continued to play them just because they found the race appealing. The Beastmen haven't enjoyed the same support/there isn't enough inherent race appeal to keep the pre-rework playthroughs going like there was for other races.

    So my sneaking suspicion is...Beastmen WILL get their update...but the number of new campaigns completed with them and their overall popularity within the Game will only uptick a marginal amount. If an accurate popularity poll amongst races is conducted AFTER the Beastmen DLC, the Beastmen will likely still rank towards the very bottom.

    I'm NOT saying they won't get a DLC/rework. I'm sure they will. I'm also NOT saying that ONLY the popular races should get reworks. Even less popular races SHOULD be updated as the sheer race diversity is one of the main draws of this game. This game would be very boring/wouldn't sell very well if it was just constant reworks of the Empire and High Elves over and over again as veresh would advocate for.

    TL;DR: I do think veresh's constant HE spam is obnoxious and I don't agree that reworks should ONLY be handed out based on popularity rankings...as the Game overall would be less diverse and suffer as a result. But I do think there are kernels of truth to his assessment that the Beastmen are not very well liked (especially if we get out of the insulated bubble of this forum) and I don't think any DLC/rework is going to heavily change that.

    You don't know what you are talking about. At the time launch the Beastmen DLC sold more than prior Total War DLC. Per CA so it not selling well is directly out of thin air nonsense.

    They were also per CAs infographic more played than one other race just before game 2's launch.

    Enjoy being part of the misinformation crusade.

    Also, should note the WE were low on those released stats and probably remained there as they didn't translate well to ME.

    Greenskins were also low played because of mechanics issues but have been rising since being fixed.

    The logic of these discussions are horrifically obtuse.
    I remember that too. CA was surprised how swell the BM DLC sold. That’s why future Campaign and Race DLCs had more content. Just compare the WE and the BM DLC. More units, better campaign features and even a better mini campaign.

    I‘m sure if CA was aware how Call of the Beastmen would say we would have gotten more units.
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