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Great Northern War

devilboy7522devilboy7522 Registered Users Posts: 2
I know CA must get loads of suggestions for new total war games, but I think the great northern war would be a great setting. You have a nation with a foothold in Russia, Poland, Denmark, and Norway. It has war declared on it by all these nations in 1700, only shortly after an underage king is crowned. Historically the Swedish initially defeated all these nations with some major battles such as the battles of Kliszow, Narva, Fraustadt. They installed a king of their choosing on Poland-Lithuania, but ultimately got defeated, when they marched into russia (cold winters and a lack of supplies, funny how often that happens) at the battle of Poltava (1709). You then have a war between the ottomans (who were sheltering the Swedish king, Carolus Rex) and the Russians. the Swedish-Russian war still continued mainly in Finland, but with the loss of their main army at Poltava and the king exiled in the Ottoman empire the Swedish were being defeated. When the king returned from exile in 1714, Varoius other nations started declaring war on Sweden. Britain declared war on Sweden in 1717 after the Swedish king negociated with the Jacobites. After the death of the swedish king in 1718 whilst besieging the Norwegian fortress Fredricksten, the Swedish started to negociate peace with other nations, finally coming to peace in 1721. The war ended with Sweden no longer a major power, and Russia becoming one of the greatest powers in europe.

I think it would be an interesting campaign to play. Could you, as Sweden, invade Russia Successfully? As Poland-Lithuania, could you prevent the dethroning of King Augustus II? As Russia could you finish the War early, defeating them at Narva? As Sweden, could you get more support from the Cossacks, rather than the 3000 supplied by Ivan Mazepa, which could potentially turn the odds in your favour for the battle of Poltava?

Anyone who listens to Sabaton should be familiar with this war, on their album 'Carolus Rex', the songs 'Carolus Rex', 'Killing Ground', 'Poltava', 'Long Live the King', and 'Ruina Imperii' are all about the events of the great northern war. They also sing about the 30 years war, which also involved the Swedish empire. This may also be an interesting era to play, maybe more so than the great northern war, but I have more interest in the great northern war personally. (I like the songs more)


  • greendolphingreendolphin Registered Users Posts: 52
    Yes, it is a good idea.

    But i think that War of the Spanish Succession -which takes place in the same years as Great Northern War- is a lot better. It's one of those wars in which most of European countries were involved. And you have all the big guys fighting each other rather than just Russia and Sweden.

    And some of the greatest generals in history such as Eugene of Savoy and John Churchill were on the field.

    As i said, it is a good idea. It'd make me happy. But there are more interesting and more world war-like ones.

    Such as Italian Wars, War of the Austrian Succession, 30 Years' War, 7 Years' War, Napoleonic Wars in addition to War of the Spanish Succession.

  • devilboy7522devilboy7522 Registered Users Posts: 2
    I see what you mean.

    I haven't looked at much of the history of that period to be honest, as I said in my post its mainly the fact sabaton sung about the great northern war that I have an interest in it. Maybe a game which is just set in 15th/16th century Europe, with separate campaigns for the great northern war, the war of the Spanish succession, the 30 years war etc. Much like total war napoleon has different campaigns for Italy, Egypt, and then Europe (and the peninsular campaign in a dlc)
  • CommisarCommisar Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,651
    Not sure it's a great fit for a game as it's own. Would have hoped if they did Empire 2 that CA would add more event like chains and small campaigns covering the wars of the time. Empire did lack them compared to many of the later titles.

    And yeah the Sabaton songs on it are great, worth checking on their history channel as well where they discuss the songs and history of them :)
  • jamreal18jamreal18 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 10,499

    I support Great Northern War.
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