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WD article: Knights of Blood

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Source: White Dwarf#234 (UK) [5th edition]

Notable Blood Dragon characters:
Walach Harkon had rules in the 5th edition Vampire Count armybook

5th edition had the "Circle of Blood" campaign featuring the Red Duke

6th edition White Dwarf#306 (UK) featured Luthor Harkon for his Vampire Coast list.

Of course Luthor is a rather "bad" Blood Dragon example due to his mental state.

The 6th edition VC armybook had some armylists for every bloodline to offer.

The armylist adds Skeleton bowmen. Surely a nod to most Blood Dragons possible bretonnian heritage ;) But it would surely help a Blood Dragon LL to have some faction diversity to the other VCs. Since Blood Dragons are more on the direct approach side of things, I would suggest adding a more melee focused Blood Dragon Hero as addition (think BOBB). Later armybooks increased the VC unit count, so for example the Blood Knights in cheaper and maybe better buffed improvements for a Blood Dragon Lord would work fine. Overall one of the Bloodlines were not much can be done (or should be done) imo.


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